launches with a mission to change the world

Recently, has seen the light of day with a mission that is unlike that of any other chat room site on the internet. Most chat room sites aim to provide like-minded people with a place to chat, but goes one step further and provides people of all types with a place to chat. Not only does provide users with the ability to chat about literally anything, but this site also has support groups that will hopefully aid many.

The support groups are what make this chat site different from anything else on the internet. There are dozens of support group chat rooms available to choose from including depression, abuse, addiction and many more. These groups aim to provide people that are suffering from problems in their lives with instant help over the internet.

One of the main issues that fears is that people will join these chat rooms to laugh at people with these problems. However, the monitoring system in the support groups has more than 3 times more moderators than in any other chat room. This will make it a lot easier to keep these chat rooms clean and safe to use at all times.

Whether you’re going through a harsh divorce, have recently found out that you have cancer or even if you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, provides an instant solution. Support groups in real life are difficult to go to. Many people that face problems in their lives don’t feel comfortable sharing these problems with others in face to face environments. With you can choose to text or video chat which makes it a lot easier to discuss your problems and get help without feeling uncomfortable.

The ability to get help no matter the hour makes this the ideal support environment. Other than the support groups, also has tons of other types of chat rooms. Whether you want to discuss sports, music or even meet singles on the internet, this site truly does deliver. It’s a universal chat room site where you can talk about literally anything. All you have to do is find the appropriate chat room and join in on conversations or even begin talking about something new.

Excellent features and a great design bring high hopes for Features such as being able to add other users to your list of favorites makes this site easy to use and enjoyable as well. It hasn’t been seen before and with already thousands of users online at all times, this chat room site is sure to be one of the great household names along the sides of Facebook, Twitter and Skype.